Monday, April 9, 2012

First Post!

Hi all. Okay, my inaugural post. So here's the plan. Next year in September I am leaving the small quiet town of Princeton New Jersey and venturing into the unknown to spend a semester in France. Don't ask me where, I don't know yet. I have been accepted into a program called AFS (American Field Service) which will send me to France, but as you can see below I do not have a placement yet. My placement could come tomorrow, or on Friday, or the day before I leave. So yeah. I'm pretty nervous about that.
But anyway. I am going somewhere in France for a semester where I will stay with a host family and go to a French school where hopefully I can get academic credit. And I'm going to blog my adventures there. Hopefully. So yeah. I guess maybe in a little while I'll post a bit about me...and of course, next fall this blog should really take off. Until then!

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