Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Host family!!!

Alrighty, so I finally have some REAL NEWS! I have been placed in a host family! I am going to Saint-Yrieix-sur-Charente, which is a small town in the district of Charente.

Saint-Yrieix is in southwest France and is a suburb of a larger city called Angouleme (pictured below), which is the capital of Charente. My school, Lycee St. Paul, is in Angouleme.

As far as host family goes, I have a host mom and dad and a 14 year old host sister, Alice. She likes music and dance (like me) and also goes horseback riding. And that's pretty much all I know about her. So yay!

Well, I leave for Paris on the 6th and from there go to Saint Yrieix. Until then I'll be busy preparing. Some real pictures that I actually took are on the way!

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  1. Awesome! I'm so excited for you! Oh and since Danielle Almstead's mom is sitting next to me she asks you to remember the stuff about the camp that you apparently talked about on a train or something...?

    - Hannah