Sunday, October 21, 2012

France. Um, what else?

Good afternoon! Well, I suppose for most people it's morning. Here it's 3 in the afternoon and we finished lunch less than an hour ago.

Well, looking back at the photos that I took for y'all last week there's a bit of an emphasis on my daily life. I suppose that's because most of my life is daily life. Hmmn, looking back on that phrase it seems a bit self-evident. Ah well. SO anyway, here's what I see in the morning:

Yes, my lovely bus stop of Rampaud. Well actually, usually I don't see it much at all because it's still dark at 7:14 in the morning. This was from one of the mornings where I start school later because of my free periods (they're good stuff, these free periods).

Speaking of free periods, there's this lovely place at my school for lyceens called the foyer.

There's a vending machine and a TV and a billiards table where the guys play nonstop. On the other side there's a study area where I often hang out with friends

or do homework...

And sometimes, I get to hang out with some of my favorite folks here: my fellow exchange students:

So, this weekend I helped my hostdad (who is trying to learn how to bake) make pain-au-lait.

It came out quite well!

For lunch yesterday I made stuffed spaghetti squash and Alice made grilles aux pommes. In the evening we had dinner chez Stephane's parents.

This morning I went to the market with Benedicte and Alice.

My next post might be a bit delayed. WHAT!? WHY???

Next weekend--SPECIAL EDITION:


  1. I hope you're writing down instructions for how to make all these yummy things you keep posting about!

  2. This looks super exciting, and I love all of your pictures! Have fun in Paris!