Sunday, October 14, 2012

Quiet weekend

Hi all,

Well, this was pretty much my first completely quiet weekend so far. On Saturday I did my homework on the morning, had lunch with my host family, and FINALLY started my precalc from home. In the evening, we watched

Today I went to the cinema with Elizabete (an AFS exchange student in my area from Latvia) and saw "Hope Springs" in French. Would NOT recommend. We had salmon and frites and lentils for lunch, and then THIS (and then I was like, WHOA):

So that was really pretty much my weekend. Relaxing, finally!

Last Wednesday after I got home from escalade, Benedicte and I dropped Alice off at dance and went to look for sweatpants for me for sport (no luck). Then because we were already at the right mall, she took me to visit a real French Parfumerie.

At first, the perfumes pretty much all smelled the same (and kinda gross) to me. But we found two that I liked pretty well, and at least one of them is definitely growing on me. The only problem: it's SUPER expensive--some $50 per bottle, and the bottle lasts maybe 3 months. A bit out of my budget, but I'm thinking about splurging at some point. Otherwise, I know that they give perfume as a gift quite often, and I am here for Christmas...

Then we came home and I made quiche :)

Also, in case anyone is interested, this article (yes, it's in French) was published in a local newspaper:

(If it's too small, click here for a link)


  1. Cool! Glad you got time to relax.

    - Hannah

  2. Hooray! How is the weather at this time of year? It's just starting to get cold in Princeton, and we can no longer sunbathe during lunch.