Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year's and the rest of vacations

Bonjour tout le monde!

So I left off a few days after Christmas, and now it's 2013!!! So, last Saturday Benedicte's aunt, uncle and cousin came over for dinner...I made popovers...

On Sunday, I spent the morning preparing lunch: mac-n-cheese a la francaise. My cantal-cheese sauce didn't beat good old cheddar, but it was still good.

For dessert I made a carrot cake with real Philadelphia cream cheese frosting. Yum!!!

In the evening, one of my AFS friends arrived by train from Poitiers: Clara, who is from Germany and is here in France for the year.

She had to change host families and her new hostparents already had plans during the vacations, so she had been changing around hostfamilies throughout the two week break.

So guess how we spent the morning?? That's right, oooking. I made a quiche while Clara made scones, and then we made creme chantilly, which is sort of a cross between clotted cream and whipped cream, to go with the scones.

Michela came over for lunch,

and after lunch Benedicte drove the four of us into town where we met up with Elizabete

and introduced Clara to Angouleme.

When we were too cold to stay outside any longer, we called Benedicte to come pick us up. Back home, we helped Alice with her contribution to New Year's eve dinner: les crepes.

Crepes made, we dressed in our finest and headed to Michela's house with our food contributions.

Quite a feast!!

So we ate, and constructed the Latvian gingerbread house that Elizabete's mom had sent her, and called Elizabete's parents at 11 (midnight in Latvia) to wish them a happy New Year in Latvian...

...and played twister...

...and wished everyone a happy New Year!

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